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Kevin interviews entrepreneurs to help other business owners grow and develop their businesses.

August 15, 2018

Sue Richards - Sales Success Coach

Today I have another wonderful woman on our show.  Her name is Sue Richards and she hails all the way from Birmingham.    And I don’t mean Alabama.  I am talking the original Birmingham in the U.K.  She is a Sales Success Coach for entrepreneurs or anyone with a sales business.



In This Episode You Will Learn …

Sales is not about selling, but instead serving others.


In sales it is not about you but it is all about the potential client.


Are you asking your prospects the right questions or are you telling them what you think they want to hear?


When you are talking are you following the W.A.I.T. formula?  Take a listen to learn more about this.


Why you should increase your rates as soon as possible.


About Sue Richards …

Sue has over 18 years of experience in this industry.   She has led sales teams and others to increase their bottom line. 


It was 6 years ago when she was laid off.  This was when she launched her own entrepreneurial business doing the same thing she did in the corporate world.


She has worked with people from all walks of life.  Some of her clients were plumbers or car mechanics and other were entire sales teams.   She has been able to add value to all of her clients.  And her favorite area are people who are offering services rather than products. 




Contact Sue Richards

She has some online courses which she has created for the end user.  It is called The Sales Success System.

You can find Sue online at www.SueRichardsCoaching.com.   You can go to her website to download her complementary guide called “How to Double Your Rates as a Coach and Feel Confident Doing It”.

Sue also has a Facebook community that you can join called Coaches’ Success Club which the URL is https://www.facebook.com/groups/stopsellingstartserving/



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